Who are we?

Our interdisciplinary and culturally rich team alongside our great advisory board allows us to tackle each problem we face with high knowledge acumen combined with great experience in multiple fields. Such combined expertise, teamwork and scientific curiosity opens a portal to hack growth, and push the limits for science & technology. Alongside the high sense of responsibility and flexibility engraved into the minds and hearts of our team makes us a force to be reckoned with.

Meet Our team

A powerhouse in the biotech realm, united by a shared commitment to innovation and excellence with a robust mix of backgrounds in pharmaceuticals, biology, CS, and business. Driven by SDGs in our core, we aim to change the world one step at a time. Together, we thrive on camaraderie, fostering a friendly and flexible environment that doesn’t just work hard but plays hard, too.

A Deeper dive into AlProtein

Our vision is to combat world hunger and leave a positive imprint on our climate by reducing the need for animal-based food. We're dedicated to providing an eco-friendly, plant-based organic resource that caters to the nutritional needs of individuals globally.

At AlProtein, we strive to provide alternative nutritional protein sources that are beneficial to health and, importantly, affordable to almost everyone.

Our main focus is on Spirulina, an organic material consisting of nearly 60% protein. It includes all essential proteins humans need, along with key vitamins. Recognized by the UN as 'the best food for the future', Spirulina is our building block for creating an alternative plant-based food source.